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Ministry, Municipality, University, Society and Company.

Dr. Tunca developed a competition to encourage young composers between age 7-17 in different categories. Tunca wanted to ask the young generation e question “Have you ever tried to compose anything?” believing in that asking the right question to people let them discover something about themselves. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality did organize this national competition two years in row during the pandemic as an online event. About 300 child composers discovered their talent and met the prominent musicians of our country through these gatherings.

Ozan Evrim Tunca established an “El Sistema İnspired” Children’s Orchestra in 2015. Since then, about 2000 children participated to learning activities through this institution. Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality has been the landlord of this project where many musicians have been taught instruments and orchestra playing. Orchestras were formed mostly from needy children who showed interest in participating the program. Many concert performances in Turkey and abroad were given by these wonderful children.

Ozart Akademi established a Children’s Orchestra in 2017 for a private school. Orchestra was mainly formed mostly from school’s interested students. The orchestra helped them to get to know themselves better and improve their musical skills. Dr. Tunca advised through all process by getting the instructor's trainings and choosing the right repertoire.

 During the Pandemic Dr. Tunca was invited by the Turkiye’s Education Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk to develop a distance music education program for all K12 system. By the help of a great team of experts on the field Dr. Tunca lead the program and delivered on line lectures, teacher training programs, songs sang by children, instrument teaching videos, music library and music perception study tool.

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