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I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.

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Classical Music in 90 Minutes

"Well done! It’s great work and so much pleasure you give to kids and adults through your book. Keep up a good work you do."
Maxim Vengerov, Violin Soloist

"Thank you for reaching out, and congratulations on writing such an important and meaningful, and very helpful guide for music lovers in the making."
Johannes Moser, Cello Soloist

In every society there are enlightened people who are interested in aesthetical things in life like Ballet, Literature, Opera, Theater, Music, painting, etc.; and there are the other ones who pass by all these great things without noticing. My goal here, right up front, is to help you to become one of the first kind through classical music. I observed throughout many years in this business that some people who are really cultivated and successful do not know how to take pleasure out of classical music. Some of these people believe that “it is a matter of education”. Yes, this is true. However, what sort of “education” do we need? Obviously, you could read all the books about music and still not have a fruitful connection with it.

Therefore, knowing things about something does not make you necessarily like it or be able to utilize it. Let us now put all of these aside. My thesis here is this: if classical music is introduced to you at the right time with the right pieces and if you are equipped with the right kind of knowledge on how to appreciate it, then you will warm up to it and even start to like it.

This book is called 90 Minutes because it is supposed to be read in more or less 90 minutes. I have its first version in Turkish as an audio book. It is called How to listen to Classical Music in 60 Minutes and it took me 52 minutes to read its full text. This book is an expanded version of the original, but it should not take you more than 90 minutes to read the whole thing.


Translated to Turkish by Ozan Evrim Tunca

Steven Isserlis is one of the colleagues that I have followed most curiously for a long time. His recordings, videos, writings were always a source of inspiration. How happy we are that he reveals great ideas about being a musician in his current book that I translated to Turkish.

Ozan Evrim Tunca

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Classical Music in 60 Minutes

"Dear Ozan, a thousand thanks for this wonderful book that you bring into us." Gürer Aykal, State Artist

"I guess This the most useful work in recent years that I have seen."
Hıncal Uluç, Minutes from Life TV Program

"Violoncello artist and teacher Dr. Ozan Evrim Tunca found out that people find frightening, incomprehensible and cold some points in classical music. He turned the answers into a conference and then into a book. He has told 2500 students and many adults how to listen to classical music." Hurriyet, Ayten Serin "This e-book, which emerged from the 60-minute lectures left by the cello artist Dr. Ozan Tunca, aims to introduce classical music to everyone, from young to old, through short, easy and useful information they need."
Andante Magazine

Cello Education

Cello Education in Conservatories

"I studied your book and read it with excitement and happiness. You touched on very important issues. It has almost everything a young cello teacher or a student preparing to become a cello student at the conservatory might need. It is a must have for anyone who aims to become a cello teacher. The fact that you have created your work by examining the experiences of other colleagues and local/foreign written sources besides the education and cello teaching experience you have received in our country and abroad has given this work a scientific quality, and many important information about the field have come together."

Prof. Doğan Cangal

Most Commonly Used Etude Books by Cello Teachers in American Colleges and Universities
Prof. Dr. Ozan Evrim Tunca

Florida State University Libraries

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